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Dear Jervois Cafe

Dear Jervois is good example of good cafe in Auckland. The menu is varied & has some unique options to choose from. The food is very fresh and flavourful. The presentation is fantastic.

Would recommended and come back here again!

The Effectiveness of Video Marketing

Using videos to promote your business is a low cost option for businesses that cannot afford the high advertising costs of television and print advertising. There is no doubt that the advantages of using videos to promote your business is getting close to the traditional advertisements on the television. The online video marketing has proven to be more effective than the print ads.

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The increased popularity of the online video marketing has forced more and more business to use it in their advertising campaigns. Using the videos to promote your business online has really become a way to take forward the business to higher possibilities. There are certain things that one should know before one starts using the online video marketing for its business. It is of great importance that a person knows what he wants to achieve from the online video marketing. One should know either he is looking for the new subscribers or customer or he wants to increase its sales.

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5 Video Marketing Tips

We’ve been hearing about the benefits of integrating video into your marketing mix for a while now. However, unfortunately only a small percentage of companies, especially small businesses, are taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool. Most people psych themselves out on the difficulties of creating video content. But it’s easier than it appears.

With the 5 tips below you can focus on the important factors that will get your video production headed in the right direction.

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How to Write Engaging Content

Creating online content can be a more difficult task than you might think. You must engage the audience and find compelling topics, as well as consistently provide high-quality information. To truly reach maximum results, you must publish material on a regular basis. And to gain the maximum amount of readers you will need to follow some industry rules.

There are plenty of tools and online resources that offer assistance. And many of them can increase your productivity and save you plenty of time. However, you need to be able to handle the bulk of the work and full understand the process yourself, before you can begin creating top-notch content.

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How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Vision

Entrepreneurial vision emerges from an idea you’re passionate about and is implemented as you communicate that vision in ways that engage and enroll others. 70% of successful entrepreneurs didn’t start with a detailed business plan. Instead, they started with clear visions of what could be and began implementing their visions one action at a time.

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See the Future

Pay attention to people’s conversations, behaviors, complaints and desires. Eventually you may feel your heart pumping and your brain’s synapses firing over a solution you can provide as an exciting new business. Nurture your newly born entrepreneurial idea everyday. Find out about start-up costs, first steps and possible niche markets. For example, look at what other companies are doing who may become potential competitors. What potential competitors are doing doesn’t have to stop you, but could give you valuable information on mistakes to avoid or under-served niches to serve as you start.

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How to Improve Your Online Marketing Strategy

Whether you want to run a casual blog or you want to sell goods more effectively, you need to have a good website. The problem is that you can’t simply buy a domain name, pay for hosting, install WordPress, slap on a nice theme, and then call it a day.

Attracting visitors to your website, and especially the kind of visitors who will actually convert and do business with you, requires some careful planning and constant work. There are a few very important things about online marketing that every artist, blogger, service provider or entrepreneur needs to know, but first, let’s look at what makes online marketing methods different than traditional methods.

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