Food Photography Tips

How to use natural light to take amazing food photos:

1. Indirect Sunlight Only! Cloudy days or south-facing windows are ideal, because direct sun will spoil your photos (and your food!)

2. If you are outside look for shade – even the picnic table umbrella can be enough shade to give you nice soft light.

3. Use a short depth of field. Set your camera to manual and a large aperture (small f-number), which will depend on the food.

food photography tips1.jpg

4. Identify and focus on the most important part of the food.

5. Use a tripod for consistency, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your camera settings to find the best combination for the situation.

6. Be prepared to shoot your food pretty quick – it can lose its attraction pretty quickly.

7. Shoot interesting, good looking food. If you’re not the world’s best chef you can still shoot great looking food. Pop out to the local deli and buy a pre-made dish to practise shooting on.

food photography tips2.jpg

8. Get your viewpoint right – think about where you’re shooting from, and where you should be to get the best angle.

9. Don’t overwhelm the food with props. Use them to add to the image, but don’t distract the viewer from the food.

10. Last but definitely not least – lighting! Try this simple setup – backlight your food and use reflectors to bounce some fill light back in to the food. Reflectors can be paper, tinfoil, or anything else that will bounce the light where you want it.

Remember, have fun!


4 thoughts on “Food Photography Tips

  1. I used to do weekly shooting of food at a cooking event. I didn’t have the option of setting up the lighting and positioning as you can in a studio setting, but the tips for back-lighting and positioning are fantastic. Just a step or two difference in the positioning of the camera can make a world of difference.

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