How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Vision

Entrepreneurial vision emerges from an idea you’re passionate about and is implemented as you communicate that vision in ways that engage and enroll others. 70% of successful entrepreneurs didn’t start with a detailed business plan. Instead, they started with clear visions of what could be and began implementing their visions one action at a time.

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See the Future

Pay attention to people’s conversations, behaviors, complaints and desires. Eventually you may feel your heart pumping and your brain’s synapses firing over a solution you can provide as an exciting new business. Nurture your newly born entrepreneurial idea everyday. Find out about start-up costs, first steps and possible niche markets. For example, look at what other companies are doing who may become potential competitors. What potential competitors are doing doesn’t have to stop you, but could give you valuable information on mistakes to avoid or under-served niches to serve as you start.

Be the Change

Communicate your vision to inspire others to believe in you. Take small steps to implementing your vision everyday. Believe in the viability of your vision before expecting others to. People may have plenty of doubts and negativity to throw at you, especially when you’re enterprise is just an idea. From your role as a leader going into a possible future that you intend to create, you’ll see opportunities and solutions that others miss. Getting started alone pursuing those opportunities and solutions will help you eventually find and attract support.

Gather Hearts and Minds

Invite others who embrace your vision to be part of your team. Look to win over people with skills, resources and assistance you need to keep implementation unfolding. Also, seek out advisers who have successfully implemented their own entrepreneurial visions. Fellow entrepreneurs can share the nuances of executing strategies and providing leadership that keeps you on track toward success as you continue forward. Boil down your vision into a simple description that gets people’s attention, and you’re more likely to inspire them to invest their time, money or talents into helping you.

Follow the Money

Create a minimally viable version of your product or service to begin selling to customers as soon as possible. Every early sale generates revenue and customer feedback that will fuel your momentum as you move your vision forward. Communicate with those customers to elicit their feedback and suggestions so you can fine-tune what you’re selling. Successful entrepreneurs tend to pick a niche and go for it, finding out what works and what doesn’t as they acquire customers. While formal market research before making big moves might be necessary as your business grows, in the beginning, it’s jumping at opportunities necessary to fund your vision that’s key to your entrepreneurial launch.

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Christian Fisher

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